Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1000 miles. Or 100 books.

It's Christmas, Reader.

I'm not much for organized religion these days, but I do acknowledge Christmas. Though, I'm a cynic, and I tend to refer to it as giftmas. Really I don't do much more than put up a tree & exchange presents, eat too much fattening food, and stay in jammies all day. That is exactly how I spent this day, only add two activities: discovering I have a follower for this blog (thank you for your support, pixiekhatt), and embarking upon my journey to read through the bibliography Matheson included in What dreams May Come.  

I both started and completed my first book in the bibliography today; Reincarnation: Five Keys to Past Lives, by J. H. Brennan.  Within the 94 pages that make up this book, Brennan briefly describes several techniques that one can use to discover who they may have been in a past life.  These techniques include use of a Ouija board, hypnosis, astral travel, and deep meditation.  My overall impression is that the book presents a good trailer of things to come.  This was the teaser-- the real work comes later.  I did notice several things in this book that were directly mentioned in Matheson's work, as well as similar themes and ideas to other books I've read (Zen Physics, Conversations With God, and to a lesser degree, Awareness).  

I found the content interesting, informative even, but though I may be interested in astral travel/awareness, I don't think discovering my "past lives" would teach me much, since I remain skeptical of being able to piece together histories in this fashion.  However, if I ever change my mind, this book offers a good jumping off point!  

So why read roughly 100 books on the afterlife and reincarnation if I'm a skeptic?  Because I hope by the end of this journey, my entire worldview is blown.  I hope to rebuild my reality several times over, each time stronger.  Like scar tissue.  

Not much to say in this one, Reader.  Similar to Brennan's book, this presents a good trailer of things to come.  This was the teaser-- the real work comes later.

Until next!

By the way, credit where it's due.  A dear friend introduced me to the three books I mentioned earlier: Zen Physics written by David Darling, Conversations With God as transcribed by Neale Donald Walsch, and Awareness by Anthony de Mello.  These books have helped me get through trying times, changed the way I view the world, and forever altered how I think of myself (which is to say, though I ackowledge that this is my version of the Universe, I no longer think it revolves around me!).  It's a process.


Unknown said...

I, too, am following your blog. I am enjoying it immensely. :)

pixiekhatt said...

If you haven't read The Celestine Prophecy, I would recommend it. I read it probably 15 years ago, and parts of it still cling to my memory. Of course, I read it 15 years ago and much of it is foggy but I think it helped form many of my beliefs, even though it is considered fiction by most. It's not exactly about the afterlife or reincarnation, but I think it would fall into the category of books you're looking for (if you haven't already compiled your 100 book list).