Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hello, Reader!
I suppose I should start this thing out by telling you what to expect from this blog.  I should start that way, but I won't.  Instead, I'm going to tell a story.

I sometimes experience moments of peace where I feel completely connected to everything, at one with the Universe.  These moments are exciting, humbling, and things of true beauty.  I dig them.  Today, I had one of these moments as I was driving home.

The sun wasn't very high in the sky, and the new springtime growth on the trees was an electric green against a slate-blue sky.  The tree trunks were a little wet from rain, so they looked black.  The contrast of colors was breathtaking.  Despite the beauty around me, I was feeling pretty low.  It happens, eh?  As I was driving and taking in all of the sights, I was listening to the Scorpions' cover of Across The Universe.  I love the song, but I never paid any attention to the lyrics...  For some reason, today of all days, just when I needed it most, one line in the song caught my attention.  "Limitless undying love/ which shines around me like a million suns/ it calls me on and on across the universe".

Before I could react to the well-timed lyric, a blue bird flew across the road, right in front of me.  I only saw its back and wings, but like the other colors in the woods this morning, the hue was intense.  I hardly had time to consciously process what I had seen, or to try and identify what type of bird it was, when I had the idea (though it didn't feel like it came from me!) that I had just seen the Blue Bird of Happiness...

Usually in this type of situation, I cry.  I feel overwhelmed by the magic and majesty of the Universe, I feel humbled to be a part of it, and I let the tears flow.  No shame.  Today though, there were no tears.  Instead, I felt a calm responsibility, a calling.  A purpose.  I felt a quiet strength.. not the kind of strength needed to endure a hardship, nor the kind needed to lead people.  More like the kind of strength needed to know something, and be brave enough to communicate it...  The strength of the mystic, or the visionary.  Of the Dreamer.

My storytelling skills don't do the experience justice, but I think that moments like these happen to everyone, you just have to be willing to notice them, and open enough to recognize them for what they are.  The Universe speaks!  We just need to get out of our own way and listen.

So, Reader, what should you expect?  Crappy grammar, the occasional clever cut of jib, alliterative allusions, a bunch of mystic-speak, and an all-around good time.  I don't have a posting schedule.  I don't have a theme.  I just have a passion for sharing, and helping people not feel alone.  Helping people find their own Blue Bird of Happiness.

Until Next!

(By the way, The Scorpions are badass, and you should check them out.  Across the Universe was written by John Lennon of The Beatles.  It is an amazing song, and like many masterpieces, is said to have been given to him by some kind of force, rather than written by him.  Jai Guru indeed.  The Blue Bird of Happiness is a myth or a legend or a history with several meanings in several different cultures.  Like all the best stories, it means something different to everyone.  It's a symbol that's been used for many years, in many places.  My favorites are the movie K-PAX (watch it), and the book Illusions, by Richard Bach.  Though to be fair, the book only mentions it as a feather.  But still.)


Glenn Oliver Parkhurst said...

Every blog needs a comment so it doesn't feel alone. A very uplifting story. I dont know the scorpions, I heard the song before them cause I'm older. Nice work.

Mel L said...

Thanks, Glenn!